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Alain Janet

Solar Cloth Founder
In today’s context of environmental and sanitary crises, we are faced with an unprecedented challenge to enable the future of current and upcoming generations. While fossil fuels resources defined the 20th century, renewable energy and sustainability are defining the 21st.

Together we must learn to make the most out of fewer resources, curb pollution and obsolescence: reduce our overall environmental footprint. The development of flexible solar solutions contributes to our sustainable toolset.

I founded Solar Cloth in 2014 with this awareness. It has become a shared mind-set among my business partners, coworkers, friends and passionate clients. Together we have designed a high quality photovoltaic textile: lightweight, foldable, furlable, and ‘Made in France’. It has already crossed oceans, breached the atmosphere and is constantly finding new applications: we invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Solar Cloth Technology

Flexible Solar Textile
Modules with flexible textile base, foldable and furlable, contrary to glass-based panels
Thin Photovoltaic Cells
CIGS thin photovoltaic layers with ever increasing efficiency (currently at 17%)
Best W/kg Ratio
A photovoltaic product tailored to various mobile, embedded and nomadic applications : 340 W/kg

Bespoke Solutions

Adapted Reinforcements
Lamination-process proficiency stemming from years of R&D, developing sailing products which cater to the most competitive nautical events.
Integration & Testing
Technology-tracking of thin photovoltaic films, including a prototyping production line aimed at integrating cutting-edge developments in the sector.
Deployment and Management
Integral energy systems design based on bespoke modules .

Design your project

Aerospace, Agriculture, Humanitarian Aid, Outdoor Activities, Transportation, Tourism … Our expertise by your side !

A passionate and
expert team,

here to help you fulfill your projects.
Material & Renewable
Energy Engineers
A photovoltaic expert who will address all technology-oriented inquiries.
Sales Representative
Should you need a quote, or have enquiries regarding the design or feasibility of a project, William will be available to assist you.
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Administration & Finance
Bérénice handles all administrative and financial topics.

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