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ecological agriculture

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Excessive luminosity is a pervasive issue in greenhouse farming, generating significant stress on crops. Shading with flexible textile that can be folded and unfolded on demand will significantly reduce physiological stress. Our recently issued patent covers this specific challenge.

Cost Saving
Diminish my production costs

My energy autonomy

Energy routing is a major deterrent to greenhouses in various areas of the globe, especially in arid and hot climates which require greenhouse farming. Producing your own electricity to cover the production system links ecology and economy.

Renewable Energy
Share sustainable values

Stand for the future

Nutritional resilience of local urban or peri-urban populations will represent 65% of global needs by 2050. Improve short cycle distribution, local human resources and renewable energy production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing renewable energy prevalence in the energy mix.

Short Cycle
Christine Poncet
“Solar Cloth has developed a technological solution which constitutes a key development for greenhouse agricultural systems on a global scale (…) The technological innovation developed will enable efficient optimization of crop yield and quality while providing energy.”
Associate Director at Sophia Agrobiotech Institute
Research Engineer

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