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Off-grid energy autonomy

Economical & Energy-Generating

Avoid installing a local grid (civil engineering) or transporting electrical generators and fuels. Allow for additional equipment for facilities for daily consumption, from a few hundreds watts to multiple kilowatts. Define high-comfort modern camping: an operational off-the-grid energy production unit

Applications tailored to various situations

Installation agility

From seasonal camping / high-end lodges to urgent strategic humanitarian/military deployments, facilities are tailored to power the equipment necessary for handling various situations : communications/electronic equipment, medical hardware, refrigerators, cooling/ventilation systems…

Renewable Energy
Yields and returns

Ramp up capacity

Equipped with flexible solar cells, the new generation tents convert photovoltaic energy into alternating current 220V/380V making possible an infrastructure capable of maintaining primary needs equipment: water pumps and filtering, lighting and security system.

Stanislas Senlis
“We are working with Solar Cloth to develop a range of autonomous solar tents for which energy is solely produced by photovoltaic textile”
International and Innovation Project Manager at Huttopia (Green tourism)

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