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Protect the environment

Align with ecological issues of the 21st century : design “clean” outdoor amateur and professional activities to protect natural heritage. Protecting and understanding the environment are values our users stand by: professional seamen and mountaineers, sailing and hiking enthusiasts


Energy on the go

Energy on the go While crossing oceans or simply hiking, our energetic needs become obvious, whether they stem from simple daily usage or the need for enhanced security. The nomadic capture of photovoltaic power has become a contemporary challenge for which Solar Cloth products provide an answer.


Know-how and expertise

Know-how and expertise Flexible solar is a reliable power source for professional and semi-professional roaming equipment. It can be deployed and stored efficiently without degradation. Robust and durable, it has received positive feedback from multiple “renowned explorers”.

Jean Le Cam
“I chose Solar Cloth for my last Vendée Globe race. The product’s weight to power ratio is excellent !”
Distinguished yachtsman and professional skipper

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