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Ecology, disruptive factor

Technological breakthrough

The association of technical textile and thin CIGS photovoltaic films allows solar power to rid itself of the constraints of traditional rigid modules. Flexible and light weight, this solar medium is foldable and furlable ! This blend allows for high power generation, adaptable to various needs while maximizing available space usage.

Research & Development

Technological Leader

From amorphous silicon (aSi) to CIGS which combines four elements, solar energy is now captured on a broader wavelength spectrum, making this a mature, leading technology, thanks to its weight to power ratio. Praised by the MIT Lincoln Laboratory for its light weight, waterproofness, thinness, its “micro grid” approach, CIGS has been placed, in 2019, at the top of the podium among available technologies by the European Commission’s Science & Knowledge Department. It is ideally placed to qualify for the future European Ecolabel.

Bespoke industrialization

Technological agility

Solar modules are optimized through a very agile tiling system, allowing for optimal usage of any surface areas in order to obtain target voltage and power, regardless of geometric complexity. This technology is extremely resilient : it will continue to function despite partial shading or localized damage.

Daniel Lincot
“After more than 40 years dedicated to researching solar cells, I find Solar Cloth’s success rewarding and a formidable proof that photovoltaic energy is capable of innovative and audacious applications. Congratulations !”
Chairman for the 23rd European Conference on Photovoltaic Conversion of Solar Energy.
CNRS research Director

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