Design sustainable and
ecological cities

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Change in paradigm

Urban culture

Maintain a growing urban population’s energy and food production capacity while safeguarding natural wealth. Biodiversity and the development of a reasonable circular economy require a more responsible management of resources, data and shared spaces.

Modular tools

Evolution carries on

Urban architecture is reinventing itself with reversibility, unvarnished management, usage optimization and costs reduction. Integrating tools adaptable to persisting innovation and various situations: neighborhood revegetation, mutualized structures, complex geometry spaces and autonomous & interdependent production centers.

Modern architecture

Agile and protective

Tackling vertical and horizontal surfaces, claddings, facades, guard rails, sun shading (…) flexible solar modules provide urban areas with agile protection. While providing decentralized energy production, they protect against global warming side effects: violent hail storms, torrential rain and heavy snowfall. More efficient and resilient than traditional rigid solar equipment, their micro grid design is perfectly adaptable to all surface areas.


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