Design sustainable and
ecological transportation

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EU Compliance

Zero CO2 Emissions
by 2050

Electrical transportation and the modular integration of solar power to industrial and hybrid cargo fleets are strategies to address the European Union’s ecological transition programme without hindering commercial objectives

EU Compliance
Return on Investment

Economical and profitable

Integrating solar to existing vehicles (cabs and trailers) allows unused areas to be used for energy production, reducing fuel costs on entire fleets. Overall savings could range from 2% to 8% depending on the solar modules and ancillary equipment involved

Renewable energy
volvo trucks
Integration & availability

Modular & flexible

Solar modules are easily integrated to various types of vehicles and surfaces. They adapt to truck rooftops and spoilers for optimal utilization. Photovoltaic modules are connected to batteries, lengthening the useful life of batteries when frequent stops occur. They also aid in restarting engines when batteries are low.

Renault Volvo Truck
Solar Cloth Partner
“The flexible and furlable photovoltaic cover system developed by Solar Cloth for our truck cabs’ spoilers are addressing our clients’ needs”

A. Blondeau
Chief Engineer, special Vehicle Development France

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